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Choice of spiral chain conveyors in smart factories for industry 4.0

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-22
Smart factory is the core element that constitutes Industry 4.0. In the smart factory, not only the individual conveying equipment is required to be smart, but the selection of the spiral chain conveyor in the smart factory for Industry 4.0 is particularly important, and all the facilities, equipment and resources (machines, logistics equipment, raw materials, products, etc.) in the factory are required. ) Realize interoperability and interconnection to meet the requirements of intelligent production and intelligent logistics. Through the Internet and other communication networks, everything inside and outside the factory is connected to form a new business model. The spiral chain loading conveyor is suitable for conveying boxes and bottles of various specifications. It uses anti-skid chain plates. The direction and height of the import and export are customized by customer requirements. The conveying is safe, reliable, efficient, and has the function of continuous loading conveyor. It is the best equipment for vertical conveying up and downstairs. The spiral chain conveyor is space-saving, easy to maintain, and has a long service life. It can be used for temporary storage of products in production. , Cooling or continuous transportation from top to bottom, entering and leaving the warehouse, etc. In a sense, Industry 4.0 uses the CPS system to intelligently upgrade production equipment, so that it can intelligently analyze, judge, self-adjust, and automatically drive production based on real-time information, forming an autonomous distributed system (ADS) The smart factory will eventually realize large-scale, low-cost customized production in the manufacturing industry.   When building a smart factory, we must focus on the four major technical issues of modularization, digitization, automation and intelligence. The modularization of spiral chain conveyors is a prerequisite for the realization of large-scale production of smart factories and personalized customization of customer needs. This requires major component suppliers to transform to module suppliers, and participate in product design, supply mode selection and unitized logistics throughout the process. planning. Digitization, the vertical view is to realize the digital modeling and interconnection of all levels in the factory, and even each conveying equipment; the horizontal view, it is to create the entire process supply chain integration from customer needs, to product design, supplier integration, manufacturing and logistics services system. For intelligent conveying equipment, manufacturing companies should build a virtual and real fusion system to realize virtual design, manufacturing and assembly according to customer's personalized customization needs, and then complete the production and manufacturing process through smart factories, effectively solving the long cycle, low efficiency and cost of customized products High question. Spiral chain conveyors can realize zero-distance dialogue with customers in smart factories, and customers can also participate in the whole process of 'intelligent manufacturing' of products in a variety of ways.
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