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Characteristics of traction suspension conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-14
The general suspension conveyor and the light suspension conveyor have the following advantages: 1. Mainly used in the production process with many connection procedures, compact production cycle, and relatively stable process method. 2. It has good spatiality, can rotate arbitrarily in the horizontal and vertical planes. According to the technological process, it can go through a thorough wiring design. It can pass through buildings of several meters or even tens of meters. The length of the line can reach 1500-2000m. A single, independent specialized production link is matched into a line, and the workpiece is transported to the designated station according to the predetermined route to achieve the purpose of moving objects and production. 3. Strong adaptability, allowing objects to be continuously transported through high-temperature drying tunnels, hazardous gas areas, pickling and phosphating tanks, electrophoresis tanks, spray booths, freezing rooms, etc., to complete difficult tasks that are difficult to complete manually, thereby improving Workers’ working conditions. 4. The layout of the loading conveyor has little impact on ground equipment and process operations. At the same time, because the conveyor itself is an 'active warehouse5. The automatic production line composed of a certain production cycle can not only improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, shorten production cycle, reduce labor, but also strengthen the level of enterprise management. 6. The speed range is wide, and stepless speed regulation, intermittent operation and dual-line synchronous operation can be realized as required. 7. A wide range of finished goods can be transported, with a large mass of 2000KG and a length of up to 4-5m. 8. It is suitable for a wide working temperature range, the ambient temperature of the whole machine is -20-45℃, and the working temperature of traction components and rails is -20-180℃. 9. Low power consumption, low maintenance cost, easy management and safe use. The disadvantage of this conveyor is that it is difficult to automate the loading and unloading process. The loading and unloading work of the continuous conveyor system must be carried out on the line, the light objects can be manually loaded and unloaded, and the heavier objects are designed with special manipulators or special loading and unloading equipment for loading and unloading.
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