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Characteristics of flexible automatic production line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-21
Flexible automatic production line is to put more machine tool that can be adjusted ( For the special machine tool) , with automatic transporting device of the production line. It relies on computer management, and to combine a variety of production mode, which can reduce the cost of production to best advantage. Production line below to share with you about the characteristics of flexible automatic production line. Characteristics of flexible automatic production line 1, in the process of production and assembly, can through the sensor or RFID automatic data acquisition, and through the electronic kanban display real-time production status; 2, by machine vision, and a variety of sensors for quality detection, automatically weed out unqualified products, and the quality of collected data for SPC analysis, find out the cause of quality problem; 3, able to support a variety of similar products production and assembly line, flexible adjustment process, to adapt to the small batch and many varieties of production mode; 4, with a flexible, if the production line equipment malfunction, can adjust to other equipment production; 5, in view of the manual operation station, to give intelligence. In the way of mass production, flexible and productivity are contradictory. As is known to all, only a single, large batch, equipment, process stability, high efficiency, can constitute the scale economic benefit; Conversely, many varieties, small batch production, equipment of low specificity, in the case of processing form similar, frequent adjuster fixture, process stability harder, production efficiency will inevitably be affected. In order to improve the efficiency of the flexible and production of manufacturing industry, at the same time on the premise of guarantee the quality of products, shorten production cycle, reduce product cost, finally can make medium and small batch production and mass production, flexible automation system arises at the historic moment.
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