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Characteristics and application comparison of various types of stainless steel mesh belts

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-03
Ordinary type

Features: This stainless steel mesh belt has a simple structure and is woven in one spiral direction, and is suitable for general automatic lines.

Application: drying, washing of food industry, cleaning, drying, cooling of mechanical parts, conveying of light load objects

1 Various frozen foods, vegetables Dehydration line equipment uses stainless steel conveyor mesh chain, fulcrum, flat wire conveyor mesh belt, S-shaped mesh belt, etc.

2 Commercial dishwasher mesh belt [Nylon plastic] material, large tooth-pulling mountain character supporting sprocket, etc.

3 chain plate for machinery factory, cutting chain plate, various types Metal Chain Plate

4 Biscuit Factory, Frozen Meat Factory Use Tray, Square Plate, etc.

By Name: Stainless Steel Mesh Belt, Stainless Steel Belt, Stainless Steel Metal Belt, Stainless Steel Metal Mesh belt, stainless steel metal conveyor belt, stainless steel transmission belt, stainless steel metal transmission mesh belt, metal spiral mesh belt, metal turning mesh belt.

By industry; belts on automatic equipment such as food processing machinery, glass products, conveying machinery, etc.

By use: By material: A3 low carbon steel mesh belt

1 Glass industry: annealing furnace mesh belt, flower furnace mesh belt, bottle conveyor mesh belt, mosaic mesh belt, the shapes are crankshaft type, straight shaft type, diamond shape, double spiral type. The materials are A3 low carbon steel, 45# steel, ICY13 heat-resistant steel, ICY18N19Ti steel, oocr18Ni14MO2Cu2 acid-resistant heat-resistant steel, etc.

2 Food biscuit industry: oven mesh belt, cooling oil injection machine mesh belt, flat turning machine mesh chain, chocolate coating machine S-shaped mesh belt, quick-freezing machine single-freezing machine mesh belt

3Instant noodle and rice noodle industry: cooking stainless steel mesh chain, various oil boxes, drying hanging boxes, noodle knives, noodle combs, fulcrums, forming boxes, etc.

With high-quality characteristics, And the function has a place in the market, and has been favored and recognized by the vast number of new and old customers. The main production material of high temperature mesh belt is 2520 stainless steel, which is austenitic stainless steel. The basic components are a high percentage of chromium and nickel. Good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, drying line conveyor mesh belt, the details are as follows:

If the carbon content is increased in austenitic stainless steel, due to the solid solution strengthening effect, the resistance to The strength of the high-temperature mesh belt has been improved, the Baotou conveyor mesh belt, and the chemical composition characteristics of the high-temperature mesh belt are based on chromium and nickel to add elements such as molybdenum, tungsten, niobium and titanium, so they have high strength and creep strength at high temperatures. , The melting point of the high temperature mesh belt can reach 1400-1450 degrees Celsius, and the solution treatment can reach 1030-1180 degrees Celsius, so the high temperature mesh belt can adapt to a special working environment and can work for a long time at high temperatures.

The mesh belts are connected by thicker shafts, with baffles at the same height on both sides, which can bear heavier objects and prevent objects from slipping off the mesh belt. Mainly used for cleaning and heat treatment of objects. After the high temperature resistant mesh belt is finished, the mesh belt is galvanized and folded to a right angle on both sides of the mesh belt to prevent objects from slipping off the mesh belt. It is mainly used for cleaning and heat treatment of objects.

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