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Chain plate screw conveyors are widely used in e-commerce warehousing logistics transportation equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-29
Speaking of domestic e-commerce warehousing and logistics, we will think of many e-commerce warehousing and logistics brands, such as JD.com, Tmall, Taobao, etc. With the development of e-commerce, online shopping has gradually become the mainstream of shopping, and the third-party logistics industry has grown rapidly. Demand makes our requirements for logistics quality and the level of logistics transportation equipment do not match between modernity and tradition. It is also undergoing continuous transformation and progress with the establishment of new modern logistics distribution centers. So today with advanced information technology and industrial automation technology, chain plate screw conveyors are widely used in e-commerce warehousing logistics conveying equipment. With the development of automation application of modern logistics conveying equipment, machinery and readers will come to understand chain plate spirals. The advantages of conveyors in e-commerce warehousing logistics transportation equipment. The chain plate screw conveyor can be selected according to different conveying materials and process requirements to meet the lifting and lowering of boxes, bags, baskets, bags, bundles or rolls of newspapers and magazines, single-piece bottles and cans or trays of bottles and cans in various industries. delivery. The structure is novel, the conveying is safe and reliable, and the conveying efficiency is high. With continuous conveying function, it is the best conveying equipment for vertical conveying up and down. The width of the chain plate of the chain plate screw loading conveyor is 308mm, 408mm, 608mm and other specifications. According to customer needs, the surface of the chain plate has a convex point type and a rubber surface type, which effectively solves the problem of chain plate slippage during the operation of the screw loading conveyor. The bottom is equipped with a bearing. And chain. The product has the characteristics of space saving, easy maintenance, long life, and can be used for temporary storage, cooling, or continuous up or down transportation, and entry and exit of the product during production. The chain plate screw loading conveyor is also suitable for industries such as tobacco, wine, beverages, postal services, newspapers, logistics, printing, food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. E-commerce warehousing and logistics equipment requires flexible production and platform operation, focusing on product production design and marketing, and logistics outsourcing to improve corporate efficiency; Runbao warehousing reduces various corporate risks, optimizes the layout of warehouse facilities, solves logistics bottlenecks, and makes companies The logistics system is more systematic, standardized, informatized and intelligent.
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