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Chain plate screw conveyor has many advantages compared with traditional conveying equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-29
  With the continuous acceleration of the production line speed of enterprises, enterprises are also paying more and more attention to the conveying equipment in the production line. The chain plate screw conveyor is one of the common conveying equipment. With it, the products produced can be transported more efficiently and avoid the situation that product hoarding affects production. So what are the technical characteristics of screw conveyors? The following editor will talk to you about the many advantages of chain plate screw conveyors compared with traditional conveying equipment.  Divided from the perspective of the displacement direction of the conveyed items, the screw conveyor is divided into two types: horizontal screw loading conveyor and vertical screw conveyor, which are mainly used for horizontal conveying and vertical lifting of various cartons and pallets.  Vertical screw conveyor is suitable for short-distance vertical conveying. The spiral of the bendable conveyor is composed of a flexible shaft and a spiral conveying chain plate, and the conveying is stable. It can be arranged arbitrarily according to the site or process requirements for spatial conveying. The chain plates of the screw conveying equipment are available in pull-type anti-skid type and flat plate type, which can be made into any thickness and size. It has the advantages of small cross-section size of the whole machine, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, safe operation and easy maintenance.  The above are the technical characteristics of screw conveyors. Compared with traditional conveyors, it has many advantages. Enterprises that have needs in this regard can consider choosing. As a professional manufacturer of automated conveying equipment and systems, the machine can not only provide conveying equipment that meets the different needs of different customers, but also has the technology and ability to implement complex automated logistics systems. It can provide customers with project planning, Requirement analysis starts with a full range of services including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.
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