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Chain plate line, mesh belt conveyor products is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-26
Mesh belt conveyor, chain plate conveyor line can be under high load, long distance transmission; Line body to form into straight line, turning transmission; Chain plate width can design according to the customer or the actual situation. Chain plate form for the linear chain plate, chain plate around the corner. The main structure material is made of carbon steel welded or galvanized, clean room stainless steel production and food industry. Chain plate conveyor line is widely used in diesel engines, household appliances, food, automobile, motorcycle, engine, assembly and transportation industries. Mesh belt, mesh belt conveyor modules type with extension on the conveyor belt across the width of plastic hinge pin, the injection molding of mesh belt assemble interlock unit. This kind of method to increase the strength of conveyor belt, and can set any width and length you need. Baffle and side panel can also use the hinge pin interlock, become one of the conveyor belt integral parts. Mesh belt conveyor belt material are: carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain, according to the needs of your product can select different width, different shapes of chain plate to complete the plane transport, plane, lifting, lowering, etc. Net belt conveyor structure forms are: straight and level form of transport, promotion /, conveyor belt can add lifting, side platens. Classification model steel mesh belt conveyor belt conveyor mesh belt conveyor: is the supplement of traditional belt conveyor, it overcomes the belt conveyor belt torn, punctured, corrosion of the shortcomings, to provide a safe, fast and simple maintenance transmission mode. Because of net belt conveyor mesh belt use module and the way of transmission, it is not easy for conveyor mesh belt crawling and running deviation, and because the scallops can withstand cutting, collision, and oil resistance, water resistance and other properties, make use of the industry will produce in the maintenance problems, particularly in the replacement conveyor belt model steel mesh belt conveyor is more less a overhead. Using different material net conveyer, can play a different role and meet the needs of different environment, make through modified plastic belt we can satisfy the environmental temperature is below zero Delivery requirements between 10 degrees to 120 degrees c, has 12 mesh belt pitch. 7, 19. 5, 25. 4, 27. 2, 38. 1, 50. 8 optional, opening rate from 2% to 48% is optional. Application: widely used in the beverage bottle, aluminum cans, drugs, cosmetics, food industries such as transportation, by choosing different net belt can be made into storage bottle, hoist, sterilization machine, vegetable washing machine, cold bottle machine and other: meat transportation industries such as special equipment to consider net belt tension under restrictions, the longest single wire is generally not more than 20 meters in length. Chain plate conveyor chain traction, bearing steel, such as plastic plate fixed on the conveyor on both sides of the guide in the chain, as a support mechanism. Light plate chain conveyor is often used in household appliances industry, location bearing capacity 100 kg, heavy plate chain conveyor is often used in automobile, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, bearing capacity of station around 2 t. Chain planks choice: carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, plastic, polymer materials.
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