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Chain conveyors are widely used in the beverage industry.

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-24
Many well-known brands of pulp beverages choose chain conveyors to carry out transportation. The key has the following multiple aspects. The first problem is the project investment cost of the beverage production line. The beverage industry has always been concerned. With the development trend of contemporary technology and the increase of some raw materials, the price of conveying machinery and equipment is of course a problem that customers of beverage production lines are more concerned about. The advantage of the beverage chain loading conveyor is to transport raw materials such as glass bottles, PET bottles, and Coke bottles for various drinks, and can also transport types of luggage and leather goods. It not only has a smooth and smooth transportation surface, and sliding friction, but the raw materials are also available in the conveyor. Stable convergence. In addition, the beverage chain conveyor is mainly dominated by materials such as stainless steel plates and rubber products, and has a variety of specifications and types. It can also be used according to the processing technology regulations of the raw materials to be used to consider different requirements in various fields. Secondly, the mechanical beverage chain conveyor is not only widely used in the beverage industry, but also because it can be immediately washed with tap water or immediately immersed in water. It is more convenient and more critical than other conveying machinery when cleaning up. It takes into account the testing standards and environmental sanitation regulations of various food companies and beverages. When carrying out transportation, its reasonable layout of machinery and equipment is more flexible, and it can carry out horizontal, skewed and curved transportation on one loading conveyor. Because the transportation of various drinks has different requirements, such as turning, lowering, improving transportation, etc.; chain conveyors can also choose different total widths, different transmission chains and different raw materials such as carbon according to the requirements of the goods. Steel transmission chains, flat-top chains, cast-in-place plate chains, parallel transmission chains, steel ball transmission chains, Tetra Pak special transmission chains, magnetic turning transmission chains, tire anti-slip chain plates also have unique and necessary antistatic transmission chains, etc. The ability to carry out floor plan transportation, floor plan turning, raising and lowering regulations, is the more important reason why chain conveyors are widely used in the beverage field.
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