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Chain conveyor equipment commonly used in modern industrial production

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-26
Chain conveyors are mainly used for automatic conveying, distribution and subsequent conveying of downstream packaging for beverages, food, medicines, cosmetics, condiments, dairy and tobacco. There are mainly three types of chain conveyors: POM raw materials and stainless steel and stainless iron. Its turning forms include wing turning and magnetic turning chain plates. The chain conveyor can meet the requirements of the canned transportation of each beverage bottle, beverage labeling, cleaning equipment and other single-line transportation. The same can also make the single-line into multiple lines and walk slowly, and then the storage volume is satisfied and the sterilization machine and storage are satisfied. A large amount of material supply requirements such as bottle stand and cold bottle machine. Chain loading conveyor is a commonly used conveyor equipment in modern industrial production. The main product of the chain conveyor equipment in the production process and the required process lines of most products and the labor ratio of the processing and production procedures determine that the chain conveyor equipment can complete the processing of several varieties of beverages on the production line. The machine equipment required by the mission, as well as the work site arrangement and placement sequence of various chain loading conveyor equipment, are also an important factor in the planning of conveyor equipment, which is directly related to the production power of the production equipment. The production method of chain loading conveyor equipment is very flexible, and can be used to the needs of multiple products, forming different production line plans to save manpower, material resources and funds for enterprises to achieve outstanding economic power. The main sprocket and the sprocket of the transmission system of the chain conveyor equipment complete the predetermined relative movement by the touch force between the chain and the sprocket tooth and the mutual effect of the resisting force. This driving constraint is a stable speed, and it can also be an unsteady speed related to time. The sprocket of the toothed chain is used as a rigid body, and the chain plate conveyor equipment is connected to the frame through a rotating pair. The sprocket tooth profile is composed of a series of straight line segments and arc segments with different arc lengths and different radii through topological connection to form a roller chain. Although it has outstanding resistance and load capacity, it makes noise and vibration larger. Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of noise generated by the toothed chain, new technology is used in the production process, and then the toothed chain and the roller chain are better made to have the same noise characteristics as the meshing structure of the general sprocket. Then let the tooth profile have the function of compound meshing both inside and outside. In order to maximize the transmission function of the toothed chain, the pin shaft and the multi-row chain link are compared as different rigid bodies. It is found that there are many differences between a toothed chain link and a roller chain link. The profile of a toothed chain link is composed of several straight lines and several arcs through topological connections to form a tooth profile. Next to the chain drive process, the drive chain receives periodic alternating loads, while the traditional straight-edge tooth profile toothed sprocket and toothed chain instantaneously touch and mesh with significant impact and lateral oscillation. Selecting the involute toothed sprocket to mesh with the outer edge of the chain plate to become a yoke meshing transmission can make the transmission smooth and improve its transmission function. In addition to the production and processing of the toothed chain, it is more convenient.
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