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Chain conveyor development and introduction

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-25

chain conveyor

because the chain plate conveyer has the chain plate conveyer has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, reliable running, convenient operation and other advantages, has won more and more customers approval, the market is becoming saturated, fierce competition has become increasingly serious. The products on the market emerge in endlessly, but quality is uneven, consumer is in the selection and must choose qualified, formal enterprise production conveyor.

QuFuXing transport to send machinery equipment co. , LTD. Is a company with strong talent strength, professional technical knowledge of the company. Company has an experienced, creative ability of high and new technology research and development team QuFuXing transportation send mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , has won more than want to country, the production of machine comply with the requirements of The Times, also has carried on the improvement, the use of more in line with consumer demand.

QuFuXing transportation to send the quality management of mechanical equipment co. , LTD will always work in the first place, the absorption to adopt the advanced management experience, improve the quality management system, to ensure that all the equipment of the production of every working procedure after the factory quality inspection department inspection, experiment, qualified before they can turn to the next process or factory. We are launching a scraper chain conveyor. As the name implies, chain conveyor can be applied to some need main transportation industry. Our new developed conveyer has the delivery rate is accurate, stable and easy cleaning, etc, to guarantee the precise synchronization transmission, meet the requirements of health food and beverage industry. In order to adapt to the development of the economy and the different needs of customers, our company is launching a chain plate conveyor, can satisfy drink labeling, filling and cleaning equipment such as single delivery requirements, also can make a single column and more walking slowly, resulting in storage capacity, satisfy the bottle sterilization machine, machine, large amount of feed the cold bottle machine.

the following is a scraper chain conveyor in detail:

a. Composition and working principle:

chain plate conveyor, by the power plant ( Motor) , drive shaft, roller, tensioning device, sprockets, chains, bearings, lubricants, chain plate, etc. Which drive the materials for the delivery of the two main parts: the chain, using its cycling sports provide traction; Metal plate, as the supporting body in the process of delivery. Its principle is to use fixed edge in a series of chain to provide traction traction chain, with a metal plate bearing lead material as the level or tilt direction.

2. Advantage

1, chain conveyor, transmission surface smooth smooth, small friction, material in a smooth transition between the conveyor line, can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other material, also can transport all kinds of bags;

2。 Chain plate has the material such as stainless steel and engineering plastic, specification variety, could be selected according to the conveying material and process requirement, can satisfy the needs of all walks of life is different;

3。 Transmission capacity is big, can hold a larger load, such as used in electric cars, motorcycles, generators and other industries;

4。 The layout of equipment is flexible. Can be done on a transmission line level, tilt and turn;

3. Scope of

chain conveyor is in connection to the various layout and the way of drag chain plate or scales plate bearing retainer and transporting materials. Delivery length can reach more than 120 meters, smooth operation, the installation of the production line is suitable for single component larger goods.

are commonly used to transport bottles, metal pull cans, all kinds of plastic containers, packages, also may transport the buffet items with the machine parts, etc. In addition, also widely used in food, canned, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and washing products, paper products, spices, dairy industry automatic transmission, distribution, and packaging attachment after delivery.
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