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Cement screw conveyor selection and quotation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-05
2021-03-02 10:29:51 Click: The cement screw conveyor is the lS auger screw loading conveyor and wls shaftless screw loading conveyor that we often mention. Why do these two types of screw conveyors appear? Because dry cement powder transportation needs ls screw conveyor, and wet cement transportation needs WLS shaftless screw conveyor. In addition to conveying cement, cement screw conveyors can also convey sludge, sand, flour, salt, etc. Tubular screw conveyor is used in cement transportation, cement is not easy to fly, which not only reduces waste, but also reduces environmental pollution. It is a good cement transportation equipment. So how to select the cement screw conveyor? And how much is the price of cement screw conveyor? There are various types of cement screw conveyors on the market, and the prices are also uneven. Many users are more concerned about how to choose the appropriate model and price of the equipment. In this regard, this article will conduct a detailed analysis of these issues, as follows: 1. Cement screw conveyor How to select the machine? Regarding how to choose the right cement screw conveyor, there are several key points. The analysis is as follows: 1. The characteristics and conveying capacity of the conveying material: whether the material is powdery or granular, wet or dry. As well as the density, these must be understood clearly. What is the throughput of the cement screw conveyor in one hour? When conveying bulk materials, it is calculated based on the mass or volume of the materials conveyed per hour; when conveying into pieces, it is calculated by the number of pieces conveyed per hour. When matching with vibrating screen equipment such as linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, etc., it is necessary to calculate the feed volume of the vibrating screen and control the conveying volume. Before designing and producing most conveyors, it is necessary to consider whether to use it with other production equipment in order to design the conveyor model reasonably. Therefore, when working on the cement screw conveyor, you must understand the nature of the material in advance and choose the appropriate equipment, so that the high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher can play a greater role. 2. Conveying length and inclination angle: The length and inclination angle of the conveying line directly affect the total resistance of the loading conveyor and the required power. Now there are many types of conveyors, some with direct parallel feeding, and some with a certain inclination angle, so these conditions of use should be explained when selecting the screw conveyor. 3. Conveying speed: The conveying speed can directly affect the conveying capacity. When the conveyor belt is used as the traction member and the conveying length is large, the conveying speed is increasing day by day. However, high-speed conveyors need to pay attention to problems such as vibration, noise, starting and braking. For conveyors that use chains as traction parts, the conveying speed should not be too high to prevent increasing the power load. At the same time, the conveying speed of the feeder for process control should be determined according to the production process requirements. 4. According to user requirements: different types of cement screw conveyors have different material particle sizes, so users should choose equipment under the corresponding model according to their own particle size requirements, which can not only meet the requirements of the equipment, but also ensure that the materials meet the standards. 2. How much is the cement screw conveyor? Regarding the price of cement screw conveyors, due to different production areas and different sales methods, the equipment prices are also different. The specific situation is analyzed: 1. The production area affects the price: at present, the production areas of cement screw conveyors are roughly distributed in Henan, In Shanghai and other regions, the consumption levels of different cities have different prices. The production cost of equipment will also change with the price changes. For first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shanghai with high consumption levels, cement screw conveyors are currently on the market The price is naturally high, and for Henan, where consumption is low, the price of cement screw conveyors on the market will not be too high due to the low production cost. 2. Cost affects the price: each cement screw conveyor manufacturer has different production costs, labor costs, and equipment price pricing will be very different, so the equipment prices given are also uneven. The above will be how to select cement screw conveyors and detailed analysis of price issues. If you want to know more, please consult Henan Xinxiang Machinery Customer Service for free. Here are 24 hours online cement screw conveyor professionals to guide you.
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