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Can the tubular shaftless screw conveyor transport powdery materials?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-24
2021-03-09 16:42:36 The powdery materials are easy to harden and buckle, clump, have high viscosity, and have poor fluidity, which makes it difficult to control the material flow, which brings difficulties to the storage and transportation of materials, resulting in unstable production and flying dust. polluted environment. So can the screw conveyor convey powdery materials? Of course it is possible. The following editor will introduce a tube-type shaftless screw loading conveyor that is specialized in conveying powdery materials. The tubular shaftless screw conveyor uses rotating spiral blades to push the powder materials forward to achieve the purpose of conveying. During the conveying process, the gap between the spiral blades and the tube wall is reduced as much as possible, thereby breaking the powdery materials easy to compact. The congestion of the bulging group makes the transportation more convenient. The tubular shaftless screw conveyor can realize sealed conveying, which is beneficial to conveying easy-to-fly, hot and strong-smelling powder materials, which can reduce environmental pollution and improve the working conditions of workers. The fully sealed casing makes dust seamless It can be drilled to ensure that the material will not leak out during the conveying process.
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