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Can screw conveyors transport sludge? If you can roughly how much money you need to invest in the early stage

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-16
2021-03-04 09:36:16 Sludge is the product of sewage treatment. It is an extremely complex heterogeneous body composed of organic debris, bacterial cells, inorganic particles, colloidal sludge, etc. The main feature of sludge is its high water content (up to 99% or more). Can it be transported by a screw conveyor? If you can, how much do you need to invest in the early stage? The relevant answers are as follows: 1. Can screw conveyors transport sludge? Can the screw conveyor transport sludge? The answer is definitely yes, but it should be reminded that not all screw conveyors can be used for sludge transportation. Reason: The sludge has a high viscosity and moisture content, so when choosing screw conveyor equipment, you must choose a shaftless screw conveyor; 2. How much is a screw loading conveyor for sludge transportation? Now that we know that the screw conveyor can be used for sludge transportation, let us briefly talk about the price of this equipment. First of all, there is more than one type of screw loading conveyor. There are about 6 types of screw conveyors produced by machinery manufacturers alone. It is important to know that the cost of each type of equipment is not equal. The larger the model, the larger the model. The more materials, the higher the quotation, so the specific purchase price still depends on the customer's actual selection. Secondly, the specific price of the sludge conveyor is recommended to the customer to come to the factory for detailed discussion, because the quotation of this type of conveyor equipment is open for negotiation (the delivery fee, accessories, etc. can be discussed with the merchant), so the specific purchase How much will a screw conveyor for sludge transportation cost in the early stage? You still need to further negotiate with the merchant to finalize the quotation.
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