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Can a small piece of coal use a belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-10
Our factory has received many customers’ inquiries about whether a small piece of coal can be transported by a belt conveyor. Because small pieces of coal are a relatively scattered material, and there are more small pieces of coal and cinder, the cinder will affect the belt of the belt conveyor. Will cause wear and tear, will it affect the effect of its use? Then let the editor give you a brief description!      small pieces of coal can be transported by belt conveyors. This is the description of the following reasons for you.    1. Low cost of use: The belt loading conveyor system requires labor hours and energy consumption per ton of bulk materials. The repair and replacement of smaller parts can be completed quickly on the spot, and the maintenance cost is low.     2. Large conveying capacity and high height: The conveying capacity of the belt conveyor is very large, which can reach 6000 tons per hour, and its conveying height is very high, which can reach 203 meters.    3. Strong conveying function: In addition to being well used in the conveying of sand and gravel, it can also be used for various powdery materials such as sand and gravel, stones and coal. Although small pieces of coal are scattered, the belt conveyor is suitable for conveying this kind of bulk and granular materials. The belt loading conveyor is the right choice, so please rest assured to buy the belt conveyor that suits you, but when you buy it, remember to Maintain effective communication between manufacturers. For the model you choose and the specific conditions of use, the manufacturer will provide you with the model parameters and equip the corresponding equipment, and debug the machine for you before shipping.
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