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Can a belt conveyor be used for fertilizer?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-19
2019-07-09 15:50:22    Can a belt loading conveyor be used for fertilizer?   Fertilizer can be transported by belt conveyor.   Fertilizer is a material used in multiple industries, and its conveying method is also a problem that various manufacturers need to consider. Belt conveyors can be used as conveying equipment for fertilizers. The loading conveyor belt of the fertilizer conveyor moves according to the principle of friction transmission. The machine has a large capacity and high efficiency. Under suitable conditions, it can also be transported uphill in the mining area. The modified belt conveyor can be used for large inclination angles. Well transport fertilizer materials, etc.  What are the conveying advantages of belt conveyors?  Belt ——Large conveying capacity and high height   The conveying capacity of belt conveyor is very large, reaching 6000t/h, and its conveying height is very high, reaching 203m.  Belt ——Strong conveying function  In addition to being well used in the transportation of sand and gravel, it can also be used for various powder, gravel, stone, coal and other materials, with a very wide range of applications.  Belt ——Low Cost of Use   Belt System requires labor hours and energy consumption for each ton of bulk materials. The repair and replacement of smaller parts can be completed quickly on site, and the maintenance cost is low.   The above is the introduction of the sand conveyor. If you have any questions or doubts about the conveying, you can consult our 24-hour manual customer service, and we will answer you online at any time.
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