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Buying skills of turning mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-19
Mesh belt conveyors are widely used, and the line forms are three types of mesh belt conveyors: straight, turning and climbing. The selection of conveyors is particularly important, which directly affects future use and cost. The following Ningbo Yifang Machinery briefly introduces the purchasing skills of the turning mesh belt loading conveyor: 1. The parameters that need to be determined before purchasing the conveyor type ①What is the product model; ②The product quotation of different conveyor manufacturers; ③The width of the mesh belt ; Conveying capacity; ④ Noise level; ⑤ Service life; ⑥ Wear resistance; ⑦ Material texture. Turning mesh belt conveyor 2. Quality identification of turning mesh belt conveyor ① Check the appearance to see if the paint, parts, etc. are in good condition; ② Operate according to the instructions, whether all parts are in normal operation, etc.; ③ It depends on the type of mesh belt turning Machine accessories such as: certificate, instructions, three guarantee cards are complete. 3. After-sale service ①Whether the after-sale service is timely, the general manufacturer promises 24 hours, but few domestic and international companies can do it; ②After-sale cost. After the warranty period, they are all slaughtered. Generally, the warranty is one year, but the buyer can actually get 2 years, and the largest can be 3 years and requires a technician on site. The maintenance of the turning mesh belt loading conveyor should be carried out at the same time, and the surface should be treated with anti-rust treatment, such as baking paint, electroplating, galvanizing, zinc-chromium and other treatments. Otherwise, the best mesh belt turning machine will not last long.
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