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Briefly describe how the retractable roller conveyor works

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-21
The retractable roller conveyor is mainly composed of the following components: head frame, drive equipment, drive roller, tail frame, idler, intermediate frame, tail redirection equipment, unloading equipment, cleaning equipment, tensioning equipment, belt storage equipment, etc. The conveyor belt is the load-bearing component of the roller conveyor. The materials on the belt run with the conveyor belt. The materials can be unloaded at the end or the middle of the conveyor according to the needs. The conveyor belt is supported by a rotating idler. The running resistance is small. The retractable roller conveyor is arranged along the horizontal or inclined line with the conveying belt as the traction|and bearing member. Continuous transportation equipment for material transportation through the movement of the material-carrying conveyor belt. The loading conveyor belt is wound around the drive roller and the tail roller to form an endless endless belt. The upper and lower conveyor belts are supported by idlers to restrain the deflection and sag of the conveyor belt. The tensioning equipment provides the required tension for the normal operation of the conveyor belt. During operation, the driving equipment drives the transmission roller, and the conveying belt is driven to run through the friction between the transmission roller and the conveying belt. The material is loaded on the conveying belt and moves together with the belt conveyor.  The retractable roller conveyor is generally unloaded at the end, and when the unloading equipment is selected, it can also be unloaded in the middle. The main difference between the structure and the general fixed type is that the elastic organization of the elastic conveyor belt is added. The elastic organization includes storage belt, reel belt, belt unwinding and tail moving equipment, and the middle frame is easy to disassemble and assemble. The belt storage equipment includes a set of fixed rollers and a movable roller assembled on a traveling trolley. The conveyor belt passes through two sets of rollers, and can pass through a tension winch to increase the interval between the two sets of rollers. If the conveyor belt increases, the tail of the aircraft is moved forward, and the transportation interval of the conveyor is shortened, and vice versa.
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