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Briefly analyze the characteristics and advantages of the mesh belt chain conveyor.

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-02-04


Mesh belt chain conveyor

Features and advantages

The rapidity of the current industrial

Mesh belt chain conveyor

The rapid development and diversification of the application of conveying equipment have improved the production efficiency of the enterprise and saved the production cost caused by the extensive use of human labor.

Mesh belt chain conveyor

It is one of the common conveying equipment. It can be widely used in various industries and has been recognized and liked by customers. Let's take a look

Mesh belt chain conveyor

What are the advantages.

Zhejiang mesh belt chain plate conveyor

It can also be called plate chain loading conveyor or C-shaped steel conveyor. The chain plate is driven by the sprocket and driven by the motor to realize the operation of the conveyor belt. Its features and advantages are as follows:

1. Flexible layout. Attachments of various structures can be installed on the traction chain to meet different conveying requirements for different materials and realize various continuous processes.

2. It can realize the lifting and turning of the material at a large inclination angle. During the material lifting process, the chain loading conveyor can be set at a large inclination angle of 60 degrees.

3. The stainless steel chain plate is very strong, driven by a stainless steel chain, made of stainless steel plate, suitable for conveying small and high-density objects.

4. The friction force is small, and the operation is stable during the conveying process.

5. It is easy to install and replace. The steel plate is bent to form a hinge. The hinge and the chain are strung together by a shaft. The chains at both ends can be fixed with cotter pins or washers, and the cotter pins are used for easy disassembly.

6. Large conveying capacity, suitable for medium and heavy load conveying. The board chain is used as the traction element, which has high strength, high efficiency, reliable operation, and can be used for long-distance transportation.

Above, we introduced

Mesh belt chain conveyor

The characteristics and advantages provide convenience for the production, installation and maintenance of the enterprise, and because most of the chain conveyors use stainless steel as the basic profile, the service life is longer, while ensuring the smooth production of the enterprise, it also saves costs. greater benefit value.

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