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Brief introduction to the development background of enterprise automation production line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-08
With the continuous innovation and development of China's intelligent technology, the production methods of enterprises have also undergone tremendous changes, from the traditional production and manufacturing mode that relies on manual production in the production process to the gradual use of automated production equipment instead of artificial intelligent automated production.

First, the automatic production line is developed on the basis of the continuous improvement of the automatic special machine. The automatic special machine is a single automatic equipment, which can only complete a single process in the product production process and has limited functions. After a certain process is completed, the completed semi-finished products need to be manually transferred to other special equipment to continue the next production process. Completing the entire production requires a series of special machines with different functions and manual participation, which not only reduces the utilization of the site, but also increases the production staff and equipment, and also increases the production cost virtually, which is not conducive to the improvement of product efficiency and quality. If a series of different automated special machines required for product production are arranged in the order of the production process, all special machines can be connected through the automatic conveying system, which can save the manual participation process between special machines.

The process of product production is that after a special machine completes the corresponding process operation, the completed finished product and production process information will be automatically transmitted to the next special machine through the conveying system to continue the new process operation until the completion up to all processes. This not only reduces the manpower and material resources required for the entire production process, but also greatly shortens the production cycle, improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, and ensures product quality. This is the background of automated production lines.

Second, the automatic production line is gradually developed and formed on the basis of the functions of the assembly line and the automatic special machine. It is a mechatronics device system that works automatically. It connects various automatic special machines into one through the automatic conveying system and other auxiliary devices according to the specific production process, and makes all parts work together through the pneumatic, hydraulic, electric motor, sensor and electrical control system, so that the whole system can be in accordance with the regulations. The program works automatically to continuously and stably produce specific products that meet the technical requirements. This mechatronic system that works automatically is called an automated production line.

Three, the development of machinery and equipment, electronic production, petrochemical, light industry textile, catering, medicine, military manufacturing, automobile industry and other enterprises are inseparable from the leading and supporting role of automated production lines. Automated production lines are modern The lifeblood of industry.

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