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Brief introduction of the manufacturer of belt conveyor machinery and equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-10
Machinery Co., Ltd. has a modern factory, complete supporting conveying equipment, automated machining equipment and new product development center, attaches importance to product quality details and technological innovation, and has customized belt conveyor machinery equipment for many domestic and foreign food and beverage companies slaughter professions. As a manufacturer of belt loading conveyor machinery, let me give you a brief introduction below. The belt conveyor is mainly used for the production, assembly, inspection and packaging of electronics, home appliances, communications, computers, circuit boards, appearance, furniture, clothing, cars, tires, food, and beverages. Type: Belt line, composed of power system, control system, PVC belt, transmission system, aluminum profile frame, and can also be equipped with independent workbench, power supply equipment, and gas path auxiliary equipment. Parameters: line length L: 1.5m-50m, line width W: 50mm-1900mm, line height H: 750mm, line speed V: 1-12m/min, which can be determined according to customer needs. The belt assembly line, also known as the belt production line, is an economical logistics conveying equipment that is indispensable to form a rhythmic assembly line. Belt conveyors can be divided into heavy-duty belt loading conveyor lines and light-duty belt assembly lines according to their transportation capabilities, such as those used in electronic plastics, food, light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The belt loading conveyor line has strong transportation capabilities, long transportation intervals, simple structure and easy protection, and can conveniently implement programmed control and automatic operation.
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