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Brief analysis of assembly line equipment to relieve labor pressure and new requirements for conveyor development

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-05

From the current development pressure of Chinese enterprises' rising labor costs, the only solution is to introduce automated assembly line equipment to replace people. From a long-term perspective, the introduction of conveyors will bring many new opportunities for enterprise development. According to the analysis, the technology of the main assembly line conveying machinery industry is mature, and the trend is roughly as follows: The decline in the consumption of agricultural machinery products will be significantly reduced.

Industrial transportation machinery and conveying equipment will maintain moderate growth, and the market demand for some small and special agricultural machinery will remain stable. but by

Influenced by factors such as the slowdown of farmers' income growth and income diversion, it is estimated that the low-speed growth of agricultural machinery consumption cannot be changed.

Construction machinery industry; it is estimated that with the national development of railways, highways, airports, terminals and urban public infrastructure

With the enhancement of investment in projects such as
, the market demand for construction machinery products in the domestic market will be improved. Of course, this year's business

The increase in fees will be lower than last year, but the construction machinery industry will maintain a moderate growth throughout the year. Looking at the development prospects of instrument products in the instrumentation industry, it is estimated that the market demand for investment instruments will improve, due to changes in the housing system.

With the advancement of the reform, it is estimated that the demand for various water meters and electricity meters will gradually stabilize, and optical instruments and consumer instruments will continue to adhere to the goal of

The previous growth trend, the annual growth rate is around 5%.

Petrochemical general industry: multi-system quantity of petrochemical general equipment industry products

Auxiliary machinery manufacturing with a wide range

This modest. The consumption of gas compressors and high and medium pressure valves is related to the sluggish consumption of the fertilizer industry, and the decline is relatively high.

Large. From the current development prospects of relevant industries, there will be a turnaround, and the growth of assembly line consumption will recover. In particular, the country's increased technological transformation of complete sets of equipment will promote steady growth in demand. If you have any questions after reading the above

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