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Best practices for regular conveyor maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-31
Best Practices for Routine Maintenance Repairers The type of inspection and maintenance performed on the loading conveyor belt depends on the design of the machine. Performing routine planned maintenance on the equipment will greatly reduce downtime. Best Maintenance Practices The following are our 7 best practices for maintaining a series of conveyors: Belt condition-(belt on the drum, belt under the drum, or gap between the drums) Check for dry rot, belt or Whether the shoelace is damaged and the correct position. – When heavier products flow through, the loose belt will slip. This may cause changes in timing and intervals. *Tip from our service manager: Loosen the belt sufficiently so that it can be folded up by hand to better see possible dry, rot, damaged areas, etc. There is some wear hidden under the belt. Chain-Lubricate the chain, check the tension, check for excessive wear or rust. Sprocket-Check for excessive wear of set screws and teeth or rust. Bearings-check for excessive wear or looseness. Non-sealed bearings require proper lubrication. Pulley-Check for correct alignment, excessive shaft wear, and hysteresis integrity. Excessive wear of the lagging will cause the belt to move to one side and be damaged. *Reminder from our service manager: The loading conveyor belt is locked-put your hand through the belt where the belt is, and check for lumps, bumps or dents. Photo eyes-clean the photo eyes, align them correctly and check the condition. Misplaced camera eyes can cause blind spots and prevent cartons from flowing in the area. Damaged or missing mirrors can cause the photoelectric eye to malfunction. Reducer-Unsealed reducer needs to change the oil every year and check the oil level regularly. The correct amount of clean oil will prevent the reducer from overheating and malfunctioning. Check whether there are dirt or oil marks on the seals. This may be caused by overheating of the environment, and you should pay attention to it for future replacement. The maintenance package provided by Solutions includes our 20-point scheduled maintenance plan. (Click here for more information) (Contact us today)
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