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Belt run-out in belt conveyer treatment scheme

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-10
Belt conveyor for a long time after the use of adhesive tape is from time to time wandering, will seriously affect service life and safety in production, we introduce below belt run-out in belt conveyer treatment scheme. One, the main causes of rubber belt run-out in belt conveyor belt conveyor in the process of running the various effect of eccentric force, make the tape center deviation from the center of the conveyor produce eccentric, its main reason is the eccentric discharge point feeding, installation and manufacture error and wind disturbance, crawling, etc. Belt running deviation can not only lead to wear and tear on the edge of the tape, material falls, but also a waste of manpower, material and financial resources. Second, the change of supporting roller group structure to prevent belt run-out in belt conveyor belt running deviation is transmitted through the tape to the roller. The friction between the roller group and tape to produce change. Therefore, solving the problem of the conveyor belt running deviation, the best is the changing structure of supporting roller group, common partial roller group structure forward prevention roller, self-aligning roller group and hinged hanging roller group.
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