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Belt conveyors can be divided into two categories in this way

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-07
The type and specifications of belt conveyors that need to be used in different occasions are also different. According to different traction methods, belt conveyors can be divided into two types: roller drive and wire rope traction. The belt conveyor in the mine is generally driven by a common roller, and the main roadway is mostly driven by a roller, and it can also be hauled by a wire rope. The main belt generally uses a wire rope traction. Its main form is as follows: Belt conveyor is divided into wire rope traction and roller drive. The roller drive is divided into powerful type and universal type. The universal type is divided into reprint type, telescopic type and fixed type. The telescopic type is divided into a floor type and a hanging type. The fixed type is divided into floor type and hanging type. Belt conveyors can be used in horizontal and inclined roadways. Under normal circumstances, the maximum allowable angle of inclination for transporting raw coal upwards should not be greater than 16 degrees, in severe cold areas, it should not be greater than 14 degrees, and the maximum inclination angle for downward transport should not be greater than 12 degrees. After the belt loading conveyor belt passes through the rollers at both ends, the two ends are joined together by vulcanization method or tape clamp to make it into a closed loop. The tape is supported by the upper and lower rollers. Use a tension roller to tighten the tape. When the driving roller is driven by the motor to rotate, the tape will continue to run with the help of the friction between the driving roller and the tape. The cargo loaded on the tape is unloaded from the unloading roller.
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