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Belt conveyor type

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-01
Curved Belt Conveyors Curved belt conveyors can take advantage of the various belt options described above, but use a curved frame to move the material around corners or make the best use of the available floor space. The curve can be small or as high as 180°. For true curved conveyors (conveyors without any straight running), a flat belt option is required; curved conveyors with modular plastic belts need to run straight before and after each curve. Inclined or descending belt conveyors When products need to be transported up and down, an inclined belt loading conveyor is usually the best solution. Depending on the products being conveyed and the angle of conveyance, inclined belt conveyors usually use non-slip belts or textured belts to help prevent products from falling off the production line due to gravity. For food processing and pharmaceutical applications, sanitary and flushing conveyors usually require strict cleaning and sterilization for safety and compliance reasons. The sanitary or flushing conveyor is designed to withstand these severe flushing processes. Tianlong North America's sanitary belt conveyors also have conveyor belts approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and some can even boast of their antibacterial properties. Tianlong North America's other belt conveyor types These are just some of the most common belt conveyor types. Depending on the details and unique specifications of your application, different or customized solutions may be required. To learn more about which belt conveyor is best for you, please contact Tianlong North America immediately. Tianlong is a leading designer and manufacturer of conveyor systems, providing customized and standard conveyor systems for manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, packaging, printing and other industries. One of the biggest problems with belt conveyor maintenance is belt tracking. When the belt cannot run in a straight line on the pulley, it will cause premature wear and damage to the conveyor belt and belt. There are many factors that affect belt tracking, such as belt splicing, pulley accuracy, or proper belt tension. The two most common methods for belt tracking are vertical guide pulleys and crown pulleys.
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