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Belt conveyor turning device

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-08
The belt loading conveyor is composed of various parts, and each part determines the overall quality of the loading conveyor. Today, the machinery will introduce you to the belt conveyor turning device. This device does not require power. After installation, it can replace the two caused by the turning of the roadway. Overlap transportation of one or more belt conveyors. After more than ten years of technical exploration and nearly 600 sets of turning devices have been successfully applied in coal mines, the device has overcome the initial shortcomings in structure and use, and the technology has become very mature: 1. Smaller dimensions , As long as the space for the overlap of the two belt conveyors can be satisfied, the turning device can be installed. 2. The structure of the small rollers arranged on the steering roller according to the space envelope is more compact, and the track of the belt is more consistent with the surface curve of the roller, so that the running resistance coefficient of the belt conveyor is reduced. 3. The sealing structure of the small roller on the steering roller is changed and the number is increased, so that the roller can work normally in harsh environments such as water. 4. The appearance of the small roller on the steering roller is changed from a cylindrical shape to a spindle shape, which makes the tape run more smoothly on the roller. Of course, the loading conveyor is composed of turning devices and other parts. The machinery will also introduce various mechanical parts to help you become more familiar with various machinery.
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