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Belt conveyor tensioning device

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-06
1. The role of the tensioning device. (1) Keep the conveyor belt with sufficient tension to generate the necessary friction between the roller and the conveyor belt. (2) Limit the drape of the conveyor belt between the rollers to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. 2. The type and working principle of the tensioning device. The tensioning device of the belt conveyor mainly has three types of tensioning devices: screw type, gravity type and wire rope winch type. Spiral tensioning device can only be used in occasions where the tensioning stroke is small and the structure is required to be compact. Gravity-type tensioning devices come in many forms, the common ones are heavy-weight type and heavy-duty type tensioning devices. They all rely on the gravity of heavy objects to tighten the loading conveyor belt. The wire rope winch type tensioning device uses a wire rope to be wound on the drum to tighten the loading conveyor belt. The working principle of the heavy-duty tensioning device is: the counterweight trolley is installed on a fixed track of a certain length at the rear of the machine, and the loading conveyor belt is tensioned by the gravity generated by the inclination of the counterweight trolley and the track. The counterweight trolley is equipped with counterweight iron blocks. The increase or decrease of the weight of the iron blocks can change the tension force. The counterweight trolley can move on the fixed track with the conveyor under different load and no-load conditions.
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