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Belt conveyor technology advantages and design points

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-08
The first is its reliable operation. In many need continuous operation of the important production units, such as power plant coal transport, steel and cement material conveying, and the port within the ship loading and unloading, etc. All use belt conveyor. Such as downtime on these occasions, the loss is huge. When necessary, the belt conveyor can one by one, continuous work [ 2] 。 Belt conveyor power consumption is low. Due to material and conveyor belt almost no relative movement, not only make the running small resistance ( About a third of scraper conveyor - 1/5) And wear and breakage to the cargo are small, productivity high. These are conducive to reduce the production cost. The conveying belt conveyor line adaptable and flexible. Short a few meters, up to more than 10 km. Can be installed in a small tunnel, can also be set up in the sky of the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas. Can also turn to more or segments discharge. When feeding on a few points to the conveyor belt at the same time, Such as the coal preparation plant of coal under the conveyor) Or a little along the length direction of the belt conveyor by uniform feeding equipment to transport brings, belt conveyor has become a major transport corridors. Belt conveyor in coal yard under the pile of the lane take material, when need, still can put the pile of different materials. Material can be simply, discharged from conveyor head can also move through the plough tripper or discharging car in the direction of the conveyor belt length of discharge. Design key points: 1, working conditions, status and conditions to consider working time every day, working frequency, the service life of belt conveyor, feeding and discharging method. Work environment and condition: the environment temperature, outdoor or indoor, environmental requirements, mobile or fixed, telescopic requirements. 2 conveyor belt, transmission lines and problems need to consider the size of the transmission line in detail, including: dip Angle, maximum length, hoisting height; The size of the straight line and curve segment; Connection size, etc. Conveyor belt: the biggest sag requirements, to simulate the friction resistance coefficient and friction coefficient, the safety coefficient. 3, material properties and throughput needs to consider the specific nature of material, including: loose density, rest Angle, material particle size, the large degree of status, material moisture, wear resistance, adhesion and friction coefficient of the material. Throughput, uniform material flow can directly reach throughput, when the flow nonuniformity can consider to give material flow of the basic statistics.
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