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Belt conveyor structure and safety protection device

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-01
The belt conveyor is composed of conveyor belts, brackets, drums, transmission devices, loading and unloading devices, tensioning devices, etc., with long conveying distance, large production capacity and high efficiency, simple structure, continuous operation, low power consumption and low noise , It has the advantages of loading and unloading materials at the position of the fuselage, and convenient maintenance and repair. It can transport bulk materials, powdered materials, and finished materials. The active roller is driven by the motor to rotate. The friction between the active roller and the tape drives the tape and the goods on the tape to run continuously. When the goods are loaded to the end , Unloading due to the reversal of the tape, the use of a special unloading device can also be unloaded at any position in the middle. Equipment safety protection device The deviation switch is a protection device that detects the deviation and twist of the loading conveyor belt, can prevent the edge damage and material spilling caused by the deviation of the conveyor belt, and realizes automatic alarm and shutdown. An alarm signal is issued when a slight deviation occurs, and when a severe deviation occurs, the action delays, alarms, and automatically shuts down; the rope pull switch is a protective device for emergency parking of the conveyor on site. When an emergency occurs, it can be anywhere on the site Pulling the rope can send out an alarm signal and then self-locking to stop; the slip monitoring device is used to monitor the difference between the linear speed of the shaft belt and the drive roller and the conveyor belt, and can send out an alarm signal to realize the automatic tension and normality of the conveyor belt Shutdown; the overspeed detection device is used for the downward transportation or downward transportation conditions of the conveyor. When the conveyor belt speed reaches 115%-125% of the specified belt speed, it will alarm and stop; the chute anti-blocking switch is used to monitor the chute blockage of the belt conveyor system. When a blockage is formed in the chute, it will automatically alarm and stop; the longitudinal tear protection device is used to detect the conveyor belt itself. When there is a sharp object in the conveyor, it will automatically alarm and stop when the conveyor belt is torn from the middle.

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