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Belt conveyor reducer

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-08
Belt conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment needed in many workplaces. The belt conveyor has an indispensable part, which may not be well understood or even noticed. This is what we are going to talk about today-belt reducer. The reducer is one of the important parts of the belt conveyor as a reduction device between the motor and the driving roller. It must not only meet the requirements of loading conveyor power, speed ratio, torque, etc., but also have the characteristics of light weight, small size, high efficiency, durability, and convenient maintenance. The function of the reducer is to decelerate, increase torque and change the direction of force transmission. There are many types of reducers, and the simple classification is based on the reduction level, gear shape, and the layout of the reduction mechanism. The reducer is an important part of power transmission. The lubrication of the reducer is very important for the reducer. It can reduce the wear of the parts and extend the service life, reduce noise, and cool and clean the parts can also play a certain sealing role. Common reducers generally use splash lubrication, so pay attention to checking the oil level and oil quality of the lubricating oil during maintenance. When starting at low temperature for the first time, it is best to run at zero load and low speed first, and run with load only when the oil temperature rises and lubrication is good.
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