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Belt conveyor management

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-02
Belt conveyor is a widely used conveying equipment. Machinery has been working hard to produce better belt conveyors for many years. However, there are many points that must be paid attention to in the use of belt conveyors. We generally call him Management of belt conveyors. 1. The driver of the belt conveyor must be trained in safety technology, hold a certificate, and abide by discipline. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine at will. 2. Before starting the belt conveyor, check the upper and lower heads and tails of the conveyor. After confirming that there is no one, the start signal will be sent out, and the start will be intermittently started after a few seconds. 3. It is strictly forbidden to use belt conveyors to transport overweight and overlong equipment. 4. Reversing is strictly prohibited, and safety technical measures approved by the chief engineer must be taken under special circumstances. 5. It is strictly forbidden to ride and step over the loading conveyor. When it is necessary to stand on the loading conveyor for maintenance, cut off the power supply and lock it, and hang a sign of 'No one is working, no power-on' on the switch. Safety measures must be taken when handling conveyor slippage or deviation. 6. When cleaning, connecting and repairing the conveyor or replacing the rollers, the machine should be shut down and listed. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to fiddle with the idler rollers with hands or tools and to correct the deviation conveyor belt. 7. The installation and maintenance quality of the belt conveyor should be up to standard, the installation should be straight, the operation is flexible, and all kinds of protection devices are complete. 8. During operation, pay attention to adjusting the deviation and slippage of the conveyor, check the running status of the roller and the tension of the loading conveyor, and often check the temperature of the motor, reducer, and bearing; listen to the running sound of each component; clean the head , The coal dust in the tail of the aircraft, clean the coal, gangue and debris under the fuselage, to ensure the normal spraying and watering.
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