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Belt conveyor line supports multiple technology should help to maximize the conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-13
As well - conveyor system and motor and controller This is to improve its motor and control product to support for a wide variety of techniques to cover all applications. Many industrial and health conveyor need fixed speed, variable speed motor or an index and control products. For the advantage of industry is a complete solution, Conveyor, motor and control) , it can be in operation on the side of the conveyor, can also be set a time limited from a higher source control operation. Using customized specifically for customer applications various options to create a simple automation, these solutions have a clean interface. Belt conveyor line supports a variety of technology to help maximize the conveyor application options include all kinds of industrial and medical application technology, such as AC, DC and brushless DC servo. With multiple input power options, and equipped with hardware installation, can be installed quickly and easily. When order together, many motor and controller will advance wiring or quick disconnect to cooperate with each other. For a simple, direct, the application of the whole function of variable frequency drive controllers is very suitable for plug and play, with a series of accessories, including push/pull off button and maintenance. In addition, they are also equipped with 24 v dc power supply for the use of accessories; Color coding quick disconnect; And for customer forward/backward control interface.
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