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Belt conveyor line security matters

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-09
Assembly line equipment project for you to provide professional knowledge of assembly line equipment, production line equipment, assembly line equipment related concepts and knowledge, and assembly line equipment, such as conveying equipment, conveyor equipment such as the concept and operation method, you can correct use and maintenance of production line equipment. A, fixed belt conveyor belt line shall be installed on the basis of the strong; Belt line first mobile belt conveyor before operation, the wheel should be symmetrical chocking. Multimachine parallel operation, each other should be set aside more than 1 m. The debris around the conveyor should not interfere with work. Second, the number of sets of conveyor series feeding, should from the discharge end start to move in order, after being all operating normally, before loading. Third, homework, it is forbidden to anyone through the conveyor belt below, or across from above. Conveyor belt skid, it is forbidden to pull by hand. It is forbidden to run when cleaning or repair operations. Four, transport, the big materials conveyor belt on both sides should add material board or fence protection device. Five, homework finished, should disconnect the power supply, lock the power switch box, conveyor in sandy soil, the motor with rain shield cover. Six, when feeding, should be on the conveyor belt center and appropriate to reduce the height, reduce the blanking the impact on the conveyor belt, roller. Charging should be kept. Seven, homework, should observe the workings of the mechanical, when found conveyor with relaxation or partial phenomenon, should stop to adjust. Eight, adjust the discharging height of conveyor, shall be carried out in the parking. After adjustment, should tighten coupling nut, pin and should be with insurance. Nine, transportation need downtime, should first stop charging, after being conveyor belt material unloading do, just can stop. Several sets of conveyor series operations downtime, should from the feeding side began to shut down in sequence. Ten, or other reason suddenly stop when power is cut off, shall be immediately cut off power supply, will be rid of conveyor belt material, after waiting for call or troubleshooting, may again start working power supply is connected. 11, start, should adjust conveyor belt firmness, buckles should be solid, such as bearings, gears, chain transmission parts should be good, rollers and protective devices shall be complete, the electric protection by zero or ground should be good, conveyor belt and roller width should be consistent. Twelve, startup, should first no-load operation, after being properly functioning, uniform loading. Shall not be started after loading. Assembly line of the plane design should ensure that components of the transport route, the shortest production workers easy to operate, auxiliary services department is convenient, the most efficient use of production area, and considering the mutual connection between pipeline installation. To meet these requirements, should consider when assembly line layout assembly line, assembly line installation work, in the form of the permutation method and so on. Pipeline installation work arrangement should conform to the craft route, when the process has two or more work, want to consider the arrangement method of the same process work. When there are two or more commonly an even number of similar work, want to consider using double row layout, route them respectively in the two cases. But when one of the workers watch over multiple devices, want to consider to make workers moving distance as short as possible.
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