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Belt conveyor in which hours easy and medicine

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-20
As manufacturer of belt conveyor, often have a customer feedback this equipment is easy to appear at run time and material failure, in fact this is the common fault of belt conveyor, what the reason, according to my company technical personnel's trial and error and test, found the belt machine and material is actually three times is frequent, so just hang on to this three times, to avoid the belt machine and material failure is very easy to do. First a period of time is prone to running deviation and material, the material is through the conveyor belt, to be delivered - Conveyor belt conveyor belt running deviation, the feeding and discharging the marginal highly rugged change occurs, the material would be in other directions and material, so the correct conveyor belt running deviation is the root cause of the solution and material. The second period is the hopper and guide chute, once the equipment overload operation, feed slot keep-off apron is very easy to be damaged, when the material to be delivered is easy to appear out of the feed trough and material phenomena, so the daily should strengthen the equipment maintenance and maintenance, once worn keep-off apron, is bound to and change the new to replace, avoid the phenomenon of material. Concave section of dangling conveyor belt is the third time, when the manufacturer chooses small concave section of the radius of curvature, will make the belt in suspended state, the roller conveyor belt left groove group, conveyor belt and roller set groove Angle will become smaller, make material and material phenomena, to prevent such circumstances, in the planning stage to choose large concave section of the radius of curvature. :
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