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Belt conveyor electric drum

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-13
It is to design within the drum gear speed reducer, absorbing the electric drum the advantages of compact structure, light volume, but it is as poor heat dissipation condition and electric drum, therefore can only be used in small power belt conveyor. Gear transmission main advantages are: reliable operation, long service life, its instantaneous transmission ratio is constant, the work is smooth, high transmission efficiency. Electric drum after installation, how to confirm the conveying belt tensioning degree? Tell from the use of the experience of general to belt enough traction, load the runtime belt does not skid to appropriate standards. Prohibit excessive belt tensioning, otherwise it will cause electric drum rear axle bending deformation before too much noise, motor overheating, or as a direct result of electric drum completely damaged. When adjusting belt, should ensure that electric drum and uniform parallel redirection roller, belt tensioning, otherwise it will cause the belt running deviation or belt damaged. Electric drum depend entirely on the belt cooling, without installing a conveyor belt, it is strictly prohibited to idling. Otherwise the cylinder surface temperature will rise rapidly, electric drum internal heat dispersion, motor burn out. The width of the belt conveyor, must cover electric drum more than two-thirds of the width of the cylinder, in order to prevent electric drum internal heat could not be send out in time and cause cylinder overheating. If part of the electric contact roller belt with less or no belt running, you must use a special electric drum, about special electric drum, purchaser should contact the manufacturer suppliers.
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