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Belt conveyor conveyor belt is very important

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-25
In the crust Fei machine equipment, conveyor belt plays a very important role, familiar with its friends all know that it is rubber and fiber and metal composite products, or plastic and composite fabric products, can effective bearing material and shipping material, partly replace the manual handling, improve the efficiency of the equipment delivery, but it is in use or where there are many notable, let us know Down! ! ! ! First of all, we all know the conveyor belt is a solid, it - Is afraid of fire, was able to fire, - the temperature of the surface - Set very high, so the temperature of the conveyor belt whether their or conveying the material temperature, once in excess of the prescribed temperature value, oxidation reaction will make the material of conveyor belt, rubber caused by thermal crosslinking or warm solution, in a - Fixed extent accelerates the oxidation reaction speed of conveyor belt, lead to conveyor belt ageing, shorten the service life of the conveyor belt, so - when conveying material Need to strictly control the temperature of the material. Followed by the conveyor belt to prevent ultraviolet exposure as much as possible, because it is a synthetic rubber products, rubber if absorb too much ultraviolet light, can make the rubber internal produce free radicals, thus also sped up the chain of oxidation reaction, cause conveyor belt aging, so if you want to prolong the service life and ultraviolet exposure is one of the important factors. Any solid object, will be the damage long contact with water, especially the rubber, it contains many water soluble substances and water composition such as gene, once exposed to long damp environment, so the bow | conveyor belt aging, so the conveyor belt to avoid contact with moisture.
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