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Belt conveyor conveyor belt for operation and maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-12
Belt conveyor conveyor belt for operation and maintenance, how much do you know? Then by us based on his long experience and data summary to simple introduce it for you, hope to can help. The service life of the belt conveyor is closely connected with the quality of each belt conveyor accessories and maintenance. Load of the conveyor is used to transport materials? 吗? Body, is also used for traction belt conveyors is artifacts. Therefore, the conveyor belt is a belt conveyor. Key part of the machine, that is, the quality of the conveyor belt, directly affects the normal operation of the whole conveyor system. 1. The layer number of conveyor belt type, specifications, and structure design needs to be combined with reasonable terms; 2. Feed direction must be along the conveyor belt running direction, reduce material falling distance, lest jam hard, scrape conveyor belt surface; 3. During operation, the speed of conveyor belt running shoulds not be too big. As far as possible low transport large and abrasive material; 4. Once found the conveyor belt damage, should timely repair, lest inflation; 5. Loss of conveyor belt, need to rectify; 6. Note the local lubrication of conveyor belt. 7. Should not be used in different types and specifications of the conveyor belt, and connector is agglutination; 8. When using, if the lack of roller and should be added or repair; 9. Staff should record the operation, in order to prevent the conveyor belt. Therefore, belt conveyor operation personnel must master the above points and do a good job, in order to save a lot of for the enterprise cost, improve production efficiency.
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