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Belt conveyor conveying of carbon asphalt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-12

please see the following content: belt conveyor conveying of carbon asphalt, hopes to be helpful for your future use. Work because of the belt conveyor for conveying material by the rotation of the screw vane of axial and circumferential force, rolled forward movement of the material in the screw machine. Repose of the material in the belt conveyor transmission state of continuity, will receive appropriate mixing and conveying process, while the evenness of the repose of the material. Symmetrical dispersed particle materials so the belt conveyor is one of the best measuring conveying equipment. To prevent material mixture in the process of cooling and segregation, for thermal insulation on the outer wall of hopper and cantilever belt conveyor and oil heating method is adopted to improve the automatic temperature control of heating, stirring device for the hopper internal carbon asphalt paste inside the bucket continuous stirring, the two measures to ensure that in the process of fabric materials remain in the appropriate temperature range, and keep the material properties of evenly dispersed state. In the process of the spiral fabrics, there are three kinds of cloth: the underlying fabric, seam, raphe cloth fabric. The three fabrics under way by the belt conveyor for the cloth machine. At the same time, because is the layered fabrics, fabric quantity is not completely the same each time, so the belt conveyor in the process of the whole cloth have speed control requirements. At the cathode carbon block cloth leveling system of the automatic assembly line, belt conveyor is measuring conveying material and equipment. For conveying materials contained in asphalt, making the material has a certain viscosity, the general belt conveyor in conveying meaning viscous materials prone to bonding and congestion, or to change too much on the material extrusion and conveying material by physical or chemical properties, therefore, the general is not suitable for large and long distance belt conveyor conveying sticky substance, in a small amount and short distance conveying viscous material, the material of the belt conveyor structure and transfering particle is also different. Study carbon asphalt paste this specific material, belt conveyor of the structure and working parameters when transporting materials in such influence on material physical properties, and in the process of conveying material effect on the structure of the belt conveyor, and then optimize and improve the corresponding structure and operation parameters of the belt conveyor to make it suitable for viscous granular material conveying.
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