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Belt conveyor belt tearing of the three common reasons

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-08
Belt conveyor is a kind of bearing and traction with flexible conveyor belt material component of the continuous conveying machinery, belt conveyor has simple structure, stable and reliable work, high adaptability for the material, large conveying capacity, low consumption, is used widely. So, what are a common cause of belt conveyer belt tearing?     A tear, material conformity of jams. This occurs at the bottom of the belt conveyer chute. Due to the limited chute the distance between the front and the surface of the belt, and belt are distributed in buffer roller spacing, uneven bearing capacity of natural strength. When the material conveying one longer than the distance, in special cases easy to make bulk material card in chute between the frontier and belt, strong extrusion belt cause tearing.     Second, the axial apart; Belt in the impact of the crack under the action of the play, sometimes resulting in fracture of steel cable belt, grinding, folding, pressure alone for a long time, the role of external force, such as broken wire from the belt junction, sticky mouth, or wear more serious place outside of cover. When showing the length of the wire rope reaches a certain, can haul in the place such as roller, roller, with the running of belt, steel wire rope from the belt cover, cause tearing.     Three, belt running deviation apart. Belt conveyor running process, the belt unilateral deviation is large, the side form accumulation of fold or folded, uneven tension or by task and scratch, etc. , cause tearing.
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