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Belt conveyor at run time why skid

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-06
The slippage of the belt conveyor belt will cause material scattered off, belt grinding, electrical burn accident, brought serious security hidden danger to the production. What reason can cause belt conveyor at runtime skid? Qingdao cavort conveyor summarizes the five main reasons. 1, belt tension is insufficient. Belt tensioning force and the friction between the driving wheel and belt drive has a lot of link, if the belts don't have enough tension, cannot traction belt and the load movement, causing belt creep phenomenon. 2, belt surface into the water. Because of belt conveyor field environment and other factors, which leads to the belt at work may be adhesive materials such as water, oil, water and oil lubrication to a certain extent, can greatly reduce the friction coefficient of the belt, when the amount of water is large, the belt insufficient friction tape speed reducing, skid phenomenon will occur. 3, belt running resistance increase. Belt conveyor at run time if there is a foreign body, or large materials under the card into the belt roller and tail sliding chute, will increase the belt running resistance, make the main cylinder and relative displacement of the friction belt occurs, over time will cause the belt creep, will damage the conveyor. 4, belt conveyor, load is too large. Belt conveyor overload lead to skid phenomenon, namely the motor caused by a lack of ability, therefore daily operation should pay attention to the current load and conveyor belt. Pay attention to control the amount of the conveyed materials, avoid conveyor load operation, prevent motor burn out. 5, conveyor head chute feed. Under the condition of the pile of material protection switch failure, the conveyor's head chute feed will be more and more serious, buried near the nose and the ground, even killed the belt. While the main roller or in a state of movement and temperature rise sharply, it only takes a few minutes break belt. Guangzhou since it was founded in 2007, adhere to the enterprise culture promotion enterprise core competitiveness, follows: & other; Cooperation and development, to win more & throughout; The management idea, has an experienced management team, complementary advantages. There are more than 130 employees, the company specializing in the production of a variety of assembly line, assembly line production line, assembly line, times the speed chain; The company after many years of industry efforts, has now become the largest assembly line, assembly line in guangzhou, times the speed of production line, production line manufacturers; Its products in the industry has a higher visibility.
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