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Belt assembly line production process

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-18
According to the delivery of the material is different, the conveyor belt material can use rubber belt, cable, plastic belt, belt, steel mesh belt, etc. , and rubber belt according to the purposes and can be classified as strong, ordinary, light, the type of mine, heat-resistant type, etc. 5. Conveyor belt can be used on both ends of the mechanical joints, cold glued joints and vulcanization joint connection. Mechanical joint strength of belt body strength only 3-5% 45%, the application of diminishing. Cold glue joint strength can reach about 70% of the belt body strength, increasing application. Vulcanization joint strength can reach 85% with body strength 90%, and the joint life expectancy. The width of the conveyor belt is 50 - than pieces material width 100 mm, pieces of material on the conveyor belt pressure should be less than 5 kPa. One, the production of belt line frame: belt line frame type made by aluminum, the aluminum according to the design drawing, the corresponding join together, and then through the screws to fix linking part. Second, roller installation: installed roller on both ends of the belt assembly line of transport, is advantageous for the belt conveyor line cycle operation. Cylinder is installed, you can install the belt line in conveying frame. Three, install the foot cup: in conveying belt line installed at the bottom of the foot cup, prevent after friction appear at the bottom of the wear and tear, at the same time can through the foot cup proper adjust the height of the whole belt conveyor line, to adapt to the needs of production. 4, installation, adjusting screw: both ends of the frame at the bottom of the belt line installation adjustment screw, facilitate adjustment of the belt conveyor line slope. Five, the installation of electric cabinet and governor: belt assembly line conveyor speed can be adjusted according to production needs, which requires on the conveyor speed. Near the position of governor and electric cabinet, to facilitate the connection of both circuits. 6, packing: after more than five production installation of a process, a slope can adjust conveyor belt conveyor line is completed, then it is ok to use packaging materials to pack equipment up. Note: before running the belt line, first of all; To confirm the belt line equipment, personnel, goods to be delivered in a safe state, inspection car equipment power light, under normal circumstances, equipment not movement, the light is not bright, inverter and other equipment power indicator light is lit, the inverter display panel to display is normal. Secondly; Check the normal operation of all parts, check circuit, voltage is normal, only qualified all normal, can really run belt line. After; In the running of the whole belt line, must comply with the requirements of the design of items to be delivered, and the belt line design scheme.
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