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Bearing material green belt conveyor transport mission

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-25

the since the 20th century, in the continuous conveying machinery, with the most dramatic development of belt conveyor, innovation varieties appear constantly. With the advent of information age of knowledge economy, especially in the green belt conveyor belt conveyor, constantly to arm themselves with high and new technology, many new varieties, such as air cushion type, magnetoelectric, water cushion type, entrainment type ( Also known as pressure belt type) , corrugated corrugated penal type, belt conveyor, Also known as tubular belt conveyor) , plane turning ordinary belt conveyor and middle friction drive type belt conveyor, they are in their areas, suitable to large-scale, large capacity development, make the economic benefits of belt conveyer is increasing day by day, towards traditional into railway transportation engineering field; In the mining transport, the various new conveyor is replacing the traditional way of delivery.

in 2003, our country has issued a clean production promotion law, clean production, so-called refers to constantly to improve design, the use of clean energy and raw materials, the use of advanced technology and equipment, improve management and comprehensive utilization and other measures, from the source to cut pollution, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce or avoid the production, services, and products used in the process of pollutants and emissions, in order to reduce or eliminate the harm to human health and the environment, it is the mission of the belt conveyor. Designer only adopt green belt conveyor design to complete the mission, especially in the western development is particularly important in engineering. Belongs to green product belt conveyor, and its determinants is adopted in the design of green design in the product.

green design refers to the so-called guarantee under the premise of product function, quality, cost, comprehensive consideration of the environmental impact and efficiency of the resources of modern manufacturing mode, it make the product from the design, manufacture, use to scrap the entire product life cycle does not produce environmental pollution or minimize the environmental pollution, accord with environmental protection requirement, the ecological environment harmless or harmful, save resources and energy, to make the highest utilization rate of resources, low energy consumption.
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