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Basic parameters of light belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-05
Light is different from the stationary belt conveyor belt conveyor, mainly used in chemical industry, electronics, food processing, etc. The advantages of small volume, low belt speed, stable operation, etc, compared with a belt conveyor, because precision is higher, so the cost of production into a relatively large. Light is one of the conveyor belt conveyor, suitable for food, chemical, food, medicine, warehouse, dock, etc. Has the characteristics of light load, low linear velocity, conveying material continuity. USES white or green food grade conveyor belt conveyor belt, sturdy and durable, clean health. In the selection of design, is based on other throughput and transmission distance, Including horizontal length and hoisting height) After checking calculation. Light the combination of the belt conveyor length ( Head, tail wheel horizontal distance) L≤ 30m. Technical parameters: decorate a form can be divided into overhead light belt conveyor type and floor type two kinds. < 1> , was elected with overhead type belt conveyor, its head and tail ends with rigid support fixed on a device or near ground level ground, extending the length of the cantilever shall not exceed 1000 mm. < 2> , drive should be firmly installed in the rigid support of the head or head on the shelf, the runtime cannot have the shaking phenomenon. < 3> , for the head, tail wheel, up, down, conveyor belt and frame the same as the ordinary belt conveyor installation technology requirements. Scope of application: & lt; 1> , light belt conveyor can effectively conveying powder, USES the groove Angle conveying, can carry fast particle size small, grinding cut lower material, used in light industry, chemical industry, grain in bulk transportation and food processing, etc. < 2> , packing materials and items of conveying, such as food processing into a bag of food, fruit and vegetable processing in whole fruits and vegetables, as well as the bulk conveying parts processing. Can have very good effect. < 3> , production site demands normal operation place, indoors, dry environment, except loading using these models.
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