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Basic maintenance of the chain conveyor must be done

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-27
2012-07-05 16:31:35 The chain loading conveyor is a widely used conveying equipment, which can be widely used in the conveying lines of the food, beverage, and detergent industries. The equipment can meet some basic beverage labeling For the single-line conveying of filling and cleaning equipment, chain plates of different widths and shapes can be selected according to the needs to complete the flat conveying plane turning, lifting and lowering requirements. In order for the equipment to complete its work normally, daily maintenance is indispensable. In daily use, check whether the connecting bolts of the chain plates are loose or not. If they are loose, tighten them, and pay attention to the inner and outer chain rights and the wheel. If there is abrasion or position change, it should be dealt with in time. The reducer should be kept lubricated, the lubricating oil should meet the requirements of the oil scale scale, and the lubrication of each running part should be checked and lubricated, and the equipment should be fully inspected, cleaned and wiped after the operation is completed. No matter what kind of equipment, daily maintenance can increase the service life of the equipment and reduce unnecessary losses. It seems that routine maintenance is troublesome, but it is still beneficial in the long run. Basic daily maintenance can make your equipment Reduce failures, increase the life of the machine, and increase production efficiency. If you need to order conveyor equipment, please contact us.
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