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Basic knowledge analysis of flexible chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-23
The flexible chain conveyor brings great convenience to the production operation of the enterprise, and realizes the automatic production of the enterprise. Because the flexible chain conveyor is dexterous, light, and standardized structure, the installation is fast, quiet, and pollution-free, so it is very fast Get a lot of use space, bring a qualitative leap for the production method of the enterprise, greatly reduce the production cost of the product, and thus improve the competitiveness of the product. The development of flexible chain conveyor equipment has been for decades. With the development of economy, technological progress and the continuous introduction of advanced technology, the flexible chain loading conveyor industry is constantly updating its products, adapting to market needs, and constantly providing companies with Come with advanced conveying equipment to improve product production efficiency. Whether the flexible chain loading conveyor is operating normally will directly affect the production efficiency of the product. Therefore, before using the flexible chain conveyor, we should master the basic knowledge to avoid some improper operations, which may cause delays in the production process. In the process of using the flexible chain loading conveyor, it should be noted that it must not be in contact with acid, alkali, oil, water and other pollutants and stay away from heat sources; avoid long-term direct sunlight and rain and snow; storage temperature should be maintained at -10℃~40 ℃, the relative humidity should be maintained at 50% to 80%. In addition, you also need to master the following basic knowledge: (1) During the use of the flexible chain conveyor, it is strictly forbidden to connect different types and specifications of belts together. (2) Prevent folding and hard objects from pressing during use. It should be used and kept in coils. (3) Generally, the machine should be run empty before use to avoid overload of the motor and slippage of the conveyor belt. Before stopping, all the belt materials should be unloaded. (4) The direction of conveying materials and the falling speed of materials are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt. (5) The tension should not be too large when in use, and it should be ensured to work under the minimum tension under the premise that the drive roller does not slip and the material is not transitioned. (6) When slipping or unmoving occurs during use, the fault should be eliminated in time, and the tensioning system should be adjusted to keep the tensioning device flexible. (7) The flexible chain plate conveyor should not make the belt run off or snaking during transportation, and it should be adjusted in time. The above is the content of the basic knowledge about the flexible chain conveyor. If you want to know more about the flexible chain conveyor, please pay attention to us. ---------------------------It is the core component of logistics automated transportation and sorting and the key transportation equipment provider and service provider for your logistics system To improve competitiveness, we look forward to sharing with you those things in the transportation equipment industry. Wechat exchanges, please add 'automated assembly line' Wechat: zdhlsx
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