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Basic information and maintenance knowledge of food conveyor roller equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-07-27

In recent years, in accordance with the manufacturing requirements of some food production enterprises, in order to meet the needs of relatively special production sites, various types of roller conveyors have appeared. The roller conveyor is one of the types of food conveyor equipment, which acts on the production operations of various food enterprises with high-efficiency conveying capacity.

The drum has the characteristics of compact structure. During the food production operation, the operation efficiency of the drum is high, and the noise is low and the use of the drum is low. long life. The drum also has the advantages of stable operation, reliable operation and good sealing performance. According to the size of the production site of the food enterprise, the roller food conveyor also has the characteristics of saving the space of the production site, convenient installation, etc., and can be operated in various harsh environments, such as relatively humid, high temperature, and more dusty conditions. production work. (News recommendation: The front rollers of belt conveyors are mostly made of steel or iron)

The rollers are used as conveyors/and elevators It is widely used in food, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electric power and transportation and other production and construction industries.

According to its transmission in food production and transportation, it can be divided into driving drum and driven drum. In the production process, the drum is produced according to the production and processing method of seamless steel pipe. The materials usually used to make the drum are carbon steel galvanized, carbon steel chrome plated, carbon steel cladding, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other materials. . According to the needs of other food production customers, we will also make the drums of the materials required for their corresponding products.

Roller equipment maintenance

Roller loading conveyor is a kind of conveyor equipment used in automated production lines. In daily maintenance, it can be divided into primary maintenance and secondary maintenance. (News recommendation: Matters needing attention when choosing a roller conveyor)

First-level maintenance

First-level maintenance requires food production first Before operating every day, operators should first check whether there are materials, tools and other sundries stacked on the conveyor, otherwise the normal production and operation of the roller conveyor will be affected; secondly, the food production operators are required to stop every day. After work, after closing the food conveyor, clean up all kinds of waste materials left by the production operation of the day in the work area of u200bu200beach assembly line.

Secondary maintenance

Secondary maintenance should be carried out regularly by food conveying machinery professionals or the person in charge of production operations Maintenance, usually one to two months to add lubricating oil to the roller bearing of the roller conveyor, and maintain it.

In order to improve production, food enterprises should also pay attention to the maintenance of roller conveyors, so as to better improve the service life of conveyors and save production cost.

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