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Automatic production line using roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-17

Automatic production line is a professional machinery and equipment for transporting various materials. It can carry out continuous work or rhythm work and variable speed work.

The machine is used to transport materials. Automatic production lines are widely used in food, light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

After arranging the automatic production line, the equipment must be adjusted make a series of

Test, if there is no problem, we can carry out normal matters. In order for users to know the work inspection process, we have debugging procedures for them.

To summarize, I hope users can learn to follow this procedure to ensure the safety of automatic production lines and personnel. Search before trial work

Check whether all fasteners can be fastened, and close the inspection door and cover of each part. Add lubricating oil to each lubrication point (bearing, reducer)

, the slide rails should be buttered to ensure proper lift.

The no-load test run of the automatic production line should meet the following needs: the reducer is nothing more than

Constant vibration and anti-shock assault sound. The hydraulic occasional gear and reducer have no oil leakage and work sturdy. Automatic production line shaft

The bearing temperature does not exceed 60℃. The automatic production line reducer backstop method is normal, and the working direction of the main motor and the auxiliary motor

Accurately, the auxiliary motor and the main motor are not allowed to start together (when the electric control cabinet is tricked, the interlocking of the two has been considered). automatic production flow

The water line control is simple, and the electricity idea work is simple. The traction parts work normally, there is no slippage and offset appearance, and there is no collision between the hopper and the casing.

Touch. Adjust the deviation of the tape according to the trial working environment of the automatic production line. Micro deviation can be used exclusively for the tail tensioning screw

To adjust, adjust the rope ruler to make the tail wheel thrown away. After working normally, the lock nut is adjusted to the center of the working position. if glue

Because of the deviation of the belt, you can check the degree of the spindle head wheel, check whether the connection of the tape is suitable for the needs, and then carry out a second trial after modification.


Docking automatic production line turning equipment working principle , to ensure that the conveyor eliminates the axial force in the plane corner work, and achieves the purpose of belt reversing. Automatically

Production line turning equipment can realize any change angle between 0°~180°. If you have read the above

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