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Automatic assembly conveyor, customized advice

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-23

Custom automatic assembling conveyor comparing with custom cars. When you are talking with dealers, you might consider a specific function. If the dealer said add the function of the need to customize, so can you ask what is the standard - Then, see if you can adjust the standard function. When it comes to automatic assembly conveyor, & other; Custom & throughout; Can be seen as expensive and time-consuming effort. But just because of your customer's manufacturing process requires a unique solution does not mean that it also requires that you usually consider custom content. 

 On the contrary, you may be looking for a solution - flexible conveyorThe adjustment of the standard version. When you consider for the customer to customize automatic assembly conveyor, consider the following four possible choices. When your customers products need special treatment, especially for precision products, please consider directly on the surface with a custom belt conveyor belt. For example, our customers are large exposed panel, need to assembly, not along the transmission path to push, because it may lead to they bend, scratches, dents or wear. We for the belt itself has developed a special surface, can be realized without scratching the surface of the grip, and completely don't need the tray or fixture. 

 Due to this problem, the customer in the past $one million per year in lost of damaged products; This kind of flexible solution and custom conveyor belt material put money back in their wallets. Instead of the entire customized conveying system, there is only one element - In this case, the belt - Be customized to meet customer's unique products. This flexibility and reduce the cost of the conveyor to eliminate the damage to the product. Recently we have a customer need to apply vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the product, so we installed in the elevator special mounting holes, and vacuum connector installed conveyor. In the same device, they want to smoke, so we add the extra manifold port, so that they smoke removal device allows proper air flow. We help them custom tray to use and positioning equipment as a way to support the overall integration. With the skilled use of flexible automation assembly conveyor conveyor manufacturers cooperation, to minimum the cost of your custom, and standard of configurability and flexibility.
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