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Assembly line conveyor design is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-25
Assembly line conveyor design is introduced, such as the conveyor and workstations, particularly difficult challenges to configuration is proposed. Design must adapt to the existing building layout and structural elements, at the same time provide ergonomic working space for the operator, of course, but also meet the needs of the manufacturing or assembly process. Design engineers r pointed out that the conveyor is the backbone of most of the system design, which means that almost any system changes will affect the layout of the conveyor. “ With the development of the system and the change of the conveyor, need to update the dozens of ( If not hundreds) Parts and cooperate. Keep track of these changes and part Numbers for the designer is a struggle, there is only one mistake can lead to lead to parts return, re-order and rework the expensive mistakes. In order to eliminate the concerns of the conveyor design and customer, launched an interactive modeling program and application configuration tool system, this system integrates the Excel and SolidWorks parameters and drawings. Our engineer for assembly line conveyor design efforts for conveyor line stability has been compromise accuracy and speed. But higher throughput, therefore, need a higher speed to use our zero pressure technology, using our conveyor manufacturers to maintain a high speed and minimize the impact of the product load. It also lead to higher production speed, while maintaining the product precision and gentle treatment. The result is more gentle, more reliable conveyor increase the output of the manufacturing process.
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