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Assembly line, automated assembly line equipment maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-27
Assembly line equipment is on a certain line continuous transport cargo handling machinery, also known as conveyor line or conveyor. According to conveyor series products can be divided into: belt line, chain plate line, multiple chain line, plug-in line, mesh belt line, hanging line and drum line these seven kinds of assembly line. Generally includes tow parts, bearing, driving device, tension device, redirection device and bearing, etc. Large assembly line transmission capacity and long distance, but also in the process of delivery at the same time to complete a number of process operation, can be widely applied. Automated assembly line equipment design decided to adopt the minimum maintenance style. Devices have no moving parts repeatedly, or just in mobile operation requirements. So much can lead to mechanical parts wear and tear is small. The rest of the maintenance work is only a simple cleaning or inspection. Cleaning equipment cleaning job should according to the whole article bottled line usually maintenance intervals. Recommended cleaning once a week, detailed time interval depending on the degree of pollution. Normally website production costs, clean with a damp cloth or soft brush. All parts can be protected from water or water splash damage, but can't resist the water jet. Special is very tiny moisture can lead to the damage to the electronic system. If moisture infiltration equipment, turn off it and its components are completely dry before you open. Inspection inspection work refers to the steps in accordance with the scheduled maintenance regularly, have a need to check in a timely manner ( Equipment) Insufficient or blemishes. Lord to check once a month, check interval can be determined according to the equipment work load. Maintenance work when the failure parts wear or have a big match, must carry out maintenance. Only a professional response technical training to implement necessary maintenance work. In order to guarantee the equipment running for a long time, you should use native to parts of the company. Chain chain after long-term operation maintenance method may lead to the original lubricating oil heating volatilization, and cause chain imbalance in the operation process, increase noise, creep, etc. At this time, can open the tail sealing board, to the chain with butter or a bit stronger lubricating oil and so on. Nose gearbox maintenance used for the first time in about three months net, put the oil in the reducer reducer with diesel or gasoline cleaning inside, put the net after the new lubricating oil to the middle of the window. ( Every month should pay attention to whether the lubrication) 。 A year after the lubricating oil in it again. Lubricating oil too much may cause fever reducer, motor overload causes jumped protection switch. Lubricating oil could trigger a little fever reducer, increase noise reducer hanged and scrap. Motor repair and maintenance methods must not feed, nor on the motor with diesel oil and liquid organic compound, because it may lead to damage of the insulation of the motor and a failure. With the motor speed head maintenance method. The rest of the tracing electrical manual motor maintenance and maintenance.
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